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The tradition of Kamalia Khaddar has been part of the South Asian heritage and culture for decades. Khaddar fabric is a combination of a weaving loom type of machine used to make Khaddar fabric that was completely manual and worked by hand paired with a Charkha that is a spinning wheel. Premium or Royal Khaddar and Goli Khaddar are winter essentials for men’s eastern suiting. Khaddar is a handspun and handwoven fabric that has a natural fiber completely organic.

Handcrafted Textiles
Kamalia is a town near Faisalabad in Punjab, Pakistan, it was a hub for manufacturing and processing the spider’s web and turning that into fabric in the pre-colonial era. The popular Kamalia Khaddar’s camel suit is a lightweight and breathable fabric that is ideal for the hot weather of Pakistan. The wide range of naturally dyed yarn fabric called Khadder is great for the summer season and comes in a variety of styles. It is considered an all-seasons fabric as it can easily be paired with warmer accessories to suit each season.

Kamalia khaddar is sold countrywide in Lahore, Rawalpindi/Islamabad, Peshawar, Karachi, Quetta, Gujranwala, Mardan, Mian Channu, Faisalabad, and Kamalia. Established in 1980, it is a trusted and high-quality wholesale fabric fashion brand.

The Premium Khadder collection has over 22 colours in pastel muted tones in brown, green, grey, teal and beige. The fabric is a blend of 100% Cotton that is soft to touch and lightweight to wear for long durations in the heat. The twisted yarn used to make the cotton blend has a spiral arrangement of the fibers around the axis of the thread. Available in 7 Meters length and a width of 1 Yard, that can be easily tailored to every possible body shape and size.

The Dyed Yarn Cotton is a smooth and soft fabric that has its own unique textured print that makes it a great choice for festive occasions like Eid and Weddings in the summer. The 8 colours in the collection have blue, violet and purple mixtures that can be paired with a white shalwar or pyjama. The available 3.5 Meters Length can be enough fabric to stitch a shirt for a man of 6 feet in height. The Summer Khadder kurta has 8 special designs in pinstripes that look trendy and stylish as evening wear or wedding wear. The colours in this special version of Khadder kurtas are orange, blue, brown and green

The best fabric to wear for the winter season is the Khaddar weave as it retains body heat and can endure several washes without any fading of colour. The beautiful texture of the natural weave creates a unique design. The Handicraft Series has 8 highly stylised warm textured designs as compared to the Goli and Khaddar collection that has a wide selection of colours. The total number of colours available in the winter collection are over 50 being able to cater to all age demographics in men and women.

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